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26 August, 2009

Music in the Cloud?

25 August, 2009

Music management has been one of those things that I suspected would be one of the bigger hurdles 1  to move into The Cloud. The storage and…

A Little Thing I Like About OS X

24 August, 2009

When I print something, the icon in the dock looks just like my printer.

Something I Don't Like About Macs

24 August, 2009

The lack of quality free software. I really miss Sync Toy , Live Writer , and Tortoise SVN .


21 August, 2009

Today in Our Meeting

21 August, 2009

Manager: We’re bringing in some consultants to help with increase productivity and efficiency… FTE: Is it a couple of guys named Bob?

Which Camera

20 August, 2009

Some of my friends have shown interest in buying a digital SLR camera. Since I’m known as the guy who has a nice camera setup, they…

I Love Steve Nash Even More

20 August, 2009

Bill Simmons : What’s going on with the Sun’s training staff? They have magical powers… Steve Nash : < completely deadpan > Steroids. Via…


19 August, 2009

I drink this too much.

So How Close Was it Anyway?

02 July, 2009

This is reprinted here for posterity from the original post . Most people I’ve talked with have seemed interested in hearing about the…

[Surprisingly?] Non Evil Dealings with Microsoft

04 December, 2008

Microsoft gets a not-entirely-undeserved reputation for being “evil” by the Slashdot crowd. I will admit that I still find some of the…

A New Homepage (whoa)

09 October, 2008

Nobody thought I could ever do it. I had a really lame, “Coming Soon” placeholder that pointed to the blog and photo blog for months…

SVN Report Generator

27 September, 2008

I have always hated writing status reports. Some of my past managers can attest to this. And since I’d always put them off to the last…

Photoblog 0.4 released

11 September, 2008

I’ve deployed the latest version of my Photoblog , 0.4.0. There are a few behind the scenes stuff that make it easier for me to upload…

The Ideal Home Server

08 September, 2008

I’ve written about having a server at home before, but I’d like to re-evaluate my thoughts on it. I had a quick little Twitter…

Recipe: Mediterranean Quesadilla

02 September, 2008

I really enjoy the flavor that sun dried tomatoes and kalamata olives together and wanted to do something crispy with them. The first time I…


08 July, 2008

Sometimes I just do not understand Microsoft. Windows Media Center is a very good DVR/front end, and pound for pound, arguably the best out…

One of my favorite quotes

11 March, 2008

“You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” — Anne…

WPF Margins

13 February, 2008

Since Intellisense doesn’t tell you this, here is a quick reminder for what each of the values in the Margin attribute do:

Command Central

31 October, 2007

This is what my desk looked like about a week ago: As my wife can attest, I had become a little disgruntled with the whole thing, since…