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Interns & Pirates

July 24, 2006

My church’s high school group has been putting out a few The Office inspired videos based on the lives of the three interns. Our next Summer Camp is going to be Pirate themed. So, it was decided to try to incorporate the two. I don’t have it finished, but here is a what I have thus far.

Download it here.

If you aren’t familiar with it there are a few main characters:

  • Goz - the high school pastor; the aloof big boss. This is the first time he'll be in the videos.
  • Jason - the director, very much a Bill Lumbergh boss.
  • Brad - The intern that's been around for the longest.
  • Chris - Another intern.
  • Coco - The youngest and newest intern. I was channelling Steve Carell's character from Anchorman for him - kind of dim, but nice.

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