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FogBugz For Free

September 15, 2007

One of my favorite tech/programming blogs has been Joel Spolsky’s Joel On Software. I’ve also been interested in his company’s premier product, FogBugz, but the $129+ license fee turned away small time developers like myself.

Recently, they put together a version of FogBugz that is 100% hosted by Fog Creek’s servers, and included a “startup and student” version, which is free. It is limited to only 2 users, but last I checked, I was only using about 50% of that limit.

To take part, first sign up for a normal On Demand account. You do have to provide credit card info, but nothing is billed for 45 days, and you’ll be switching immediately. Once everything is initialized, you can change your account to the free version in Settings > Your FogBugz On Demand Account.

I’ve only given it a cursory glance, but I like what I see. It looks very intuitive and powerful. Big thanks to the Fog Creek guys for removing the cost barrier for people like me! I’ll definitely be recommending it to others.

Scott Williams

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