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Setting Up CouchDB on Windows

September 17, 2009

From their wiki:

  • Install the cygwin environment.
  • Install the MS C compiler.
  • Install and possibly build a number of pre-requisites, such as curl, icu, seamonkey, etc.
  • get the sources to erlang and couch
  • configure and build erlang according to the instructions.
  • configure and build couch according to the www.png” height=“11” alt=”[WWW]” width=“11” /> README file in couch

After executing ‘make install’, you will find a couchdb directory structure inside your erlang directory - that is, the couch build process simply installs its libraries into the erlang binaries you previously build. This directory structure should be ready to roll - it can be zipped up, packaged by an installer, etc.

Why not just say “Don’t Install this on Windows”?

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