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Rental Car Surprise

April 20, 2010

As you may remember, a few weeks ago Avis gave me a FORD LAND TANK. I didn’t enjoy driving it, so when I returned it, I told them that while I’m open to the idea of them upgrading my mid-size rental, I’d prefer something other than a gigantic truck.

Cut to Sunday night as I wandered over to the parking spot that contained my car for this week. Behold, it contained… another F150. sigh. I trudged back over to the rental counter and explained to the nice chap explained the whole thing again. I just didn’t want something that would be featured in a Cialis ad.

The Avis employee was effusively gracious, apologized to me, and looked through his computer for an adequate substitute. I was expecting to be banished back to the realm of Hyundai econoboxes, when he said, “Let me see if I can get you into one of our Infinitis.”


I stared at him for a couple of moments and eventually managed, “Yes. That would be nice.” 

So that’s how I got to spend the next couple of days driving around in a nice little G37 sedan. It’s um, a little faster than what I’ve been used to from my rental cars.

Scott Williams

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