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iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone!

June 23, 2010

A co-worker of mine managed to get his iPhone 4 delivered today, and I got a chance to briefly play with it.

The screen is noticeably better, though I don’t necessarily know if it is super-duper-omg-awesome better. For hd video and photos, it might be though. Of course, we couldn’t try out Facetime because we 1) weren’t on wifi, and 2) didn’t know anyone else with an iPhone 4 anyway. I hope/suspect Apple will roll out a Facetime enabled iPod touch soon, and also integrate it with iChat; that’d really get it out in the wild.

AT&T’s network seemed fairly crappy (per usual), and only reinforced my decision to not get one until it is on a better network.

What impressed me most though was the speed of the thing, in terms of opening apps and doing stuff (especially Google Maps). Granted, it was fresh out of the box with not a whole lot running on it, but the outright speed of it would be the biggest killer feature for me.

(Did you notice that there are four ‘iPhone’s in the title there, correlating to the iPhone 4? Bow before my cleverocity)

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