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Why I Don't Think I Care About PC Gaming Anymore

July 06, 2010

To play top of the line games on a PC and have enjoyable performance, I would need:

  • A pretty fast processor, upgraded about every 18 months. $200-$400
  • A good amount of memory, upgraded about every 2-3 years. $150-$300
  • A very good video card, likely upgraded every year for best framerates. $500
  • Optionally, a nice sound card and speaker set up. $200-$400, though it doesn't need to upgraded often, if ever.
  • A gigantic amount of patience to deal with drivers, DRM, compatability, and every other niggling thing that goes with a PC. (Ask me some time about getting a basic microphone to work with Teamspeak.

Or, I could buy a game console:

  • XBox 360. $300ish. 

Yeah, you have to pay a monthly fee for XBox Live, but it’ll still be far less expensive than the upgrade treadmill that PC gaming is. The tradeoff is well worth it in my opinion.

Ok, obviously things aren’t really this cut and dry, but for all intents and purposes, these estimations are pretty accurate.

Scott Williams

Written by Scott Williams who lives and works in sunny Phoenix, AZ. Twitter is also a place.