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More on Why I'm Done Building PC's

October 04, 2010

This whole post by Marco Arment is great, but here’s the best part:

Ever build a carputer? (Yeah, that’s a computer in your car.) I attempted it when I was 18: it was a bunch of old PC parts inside a Dremeled-out Rubbermaid tub with a gamepad next to my parking brake to control Winamp so I could play MP3s. It was ridiculous. I had to wait until my carputer booted Windows 98 before it could play music. Even I couldn’t take this thing seriously. It lasted about 3 days until I drove over a speed bump and the CPU fell out of the slot. I scrapped it and just bought an MP3-CD player (the second one ever released) instead.

I have to admit that when I was a little younger, the thought of a carputer was almost irresistible. However I was just never able to cobble together the right kind of parts. I did attempt some other “questionable” computer hacks as well; they worked about as good as Marco’s.

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