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June 12, 2013

The iOS 7 beta bug had bit me, but I wasn’t about to install it on my primary iPhone, therein lay madness. I had a bit of cash running around and decided to buy a spare iPod Touch to install the beta.

I went to the Apple store and asked to purchase a 32 GB black model. I chatted with the clerk for a bit and told him it was only going to be a development device. He mentioned that the 16 GB version was available too. I had thought that the 16 GB was last year’s model with the 3.5” screen still hanging around to hit the $229 price point. He replied that it had been recently updated with the newer tech, just no camera, less RAM, and so on. Since I didn’t need those for my particular purposes, I just bought that one.

How many other stores would talk a customer out of $70? Contrast this to Best Buy and I’d be out of an extra $70 and have to deal with a hard sale for a case, warranty, and accessories. This is why Apple retail can’t be underestimated.

Scott Williams

Written by Scott Williams who lives and works in sunny Phoenix, AZ. Twitter is also a place.