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I Made an App!

December 16, 2013

One of my goals for this year was to create and release an iOS app. I’m cutting it close, but I think it’s finally good enough to actually tell people about it.

I was interested in the idea of making a soundboard for the iPad. A soundboard is something that has lots of sound effects that you can find and play quickly. Radio shows and podcasts use them, especially the “morning zoo” ones, and now you can run your own.

It’s called Zartbonk, and I hope you like it.

In order to remove as much friction as possible from getting it into your hands, I’m going with a “freemium” model. The app is absolutely free, but has some limitations. You can unlock everything with a single in-app-purchase.

Out of the box it comes with a couple dozen sound effects, including my favorite, the timeless Wilhelm Scream, but you can add your own too. You can add sounds from Dropbox, the built-in microphone, or search from thousands of sounds in freesound’s library.

I learned TONS of things in the process of making this, and I’ll certainly blog more about my journey from there to here.

I want to hear back from you to. Feel free to reach out and contact me if you run into any problems or have questionsp.


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