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Great Moments in Customer Service

July 24, 2015

Great Customer Service is not dead! When I was doing freelance/independent work I used Harvest’s Solo plan to track my time and invoice clients. It was affordable for a single person and wasn’t over-engineered. Since it was cheaper in the long run I paid for a yearly plan and renewed each time it came up. I would’ve recommended them to anyone in a similar position. Now I’ll recommend them even more heavily.

A few months ago I took a full-time position and just didn’t need the paid account any more. I couldn’t figure out how to downgrade though so I sent a request to their customer service. The page told me to expect a response within an hour. Within 5 minutes I got a response from Jennifer telling me that my plan had been downgraded to the free one, AND they refunded the prorated amount for the remainder of the year back to me.

Getting a refund wasn’t even on my radar. I was perfectly happy with keeping the paid plan and just not renewing it when the time came. What I love about this is that Harvest didn’t waffle around the issue for a long time only to end up doing the bare minimum to get the customer to go away. They were fast, proactive, and exceeded expectations.

That’s how you do customer service.

Scott Williams

Written by Scott Williams who lives and works in sunny Phoenix, AZ. Twitter is also a place.