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January 13, 2010

I figure I should probably talk a little bit about the cruise we recently went on, since it was our first real vacation in a while, and will probably be for another while.

We went on a Cruise from January 4th through the 8th down from Mission Beach to Catalina to Ensenada. I like cruises because everything is pretty much taken care of for you.

During the trip, Rachel saw the ocean for the first time, though I don’t think she quite understood it. After a little prodding, she took to walking on sand, and really liked the shoreline. We had to keep her from running in more than once.

The food on the boat was pretty decent, though I think our best meal was back in Mission Beach at a restaurant called “World Famous”. I had a ridiculously good sea bass wrapped in some thing potato slices and some sort of shrimp/crab cake like thing to go with it. Very tasty. On the boat, the dessert was probably the best. They had a chocolate molten cake that was a chocolate lover’s dream. Erica had it every night.

One particular evening, we were heading down to dinner and saw another couple get into an opposing elevator. When the doors shut, Erica commented how the lady was wearing gigantic heels and that she wouldn’t be able to walk in those. Both elevator doors opened at the same time, and as if on cue, the woman took a step, her heel caught, and she went tumbling, throwing her martini glass down and shattering it into pieces right in front of us.

Rachel developed a new game, called “Run Around”. We would take her to an empty deck and told her that she could indeed, “run around”. She took it a literally, and held on to a hand and would run in circles around Mommy or Daddy, while yelling “Run around! Run around!”

Taking a 2 year old on a cruise was a bit of work, but didn’t have any big issues. We got a big enough room, that we could unfold a pack-and-play next to the bed, and if we covered the sides with towels, Rachel would go to sleep pretty easily.

In Ensenada, I was offered quite a few opportunities buy Viagra, though I passed them up.

Pictures are available here: http://swilliamsphoto.com/galleries/PacificCruise/

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