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Ahhh, a red snapper. Very tasty.

January 14, 2010

There’s a very nice sushi place here in Dallas called Sushi Sake. We went there last night, and I ordered the Aji sashimi (it’s actually a Mackerel, but I just like the title). It came with the body of the fish artfully arranged with the sashimi. The sashimi itself was quite good, however when I was done, the waitress came by, took the plate, and said she was going to “fry it up” for me. I wasn’t paying that much attention so I just nodded.

After she disappeared to the kitchen I actually processed what she said. Fry up the fish… head? And fins? And tail? Hmmm. Eventually she brought it back, and yes, what was left was definitely deep fried. I girded up my loins and actually ate most of it. Apparently the Aji has soft bones, because I was able to just chomp right on through. That last sentence might be a little squeamish for some folks.

I didn’t eat the head (or eyeball) though… as Shawn said, you have to draw the line somewhere.

Scott Williams

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