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Video Chat On a Mobile Device

January 27, 2010

Alright, I’m going to try to avoid slipping into Rant Mode here.

Apple just announced their newest super gizmo, the iPad. Like the iPhone, iPod, and pretty much every other mobile device, it does not have a front facing video camera to allow video chat. Of course, a certain subset of people really wish it did, and continually whine about said lack. But do you know why it doesn’t have video chat?

Because video chat on a mobile device just doesn’t work.

Here’s how I know: Take your phone. Now, hold it out in front of you in a position that you think would be fitting for a video chat. Keep holding it there, and be steady; no shaking. Keep holding. Try it for just 30 seconds. Is your arm tired yet?

There simply is no way to comfortably hold something like a phone out in front of you without support. You could hold it lower and try to support your arm with your body at the elbow (like a normal phone), but then your chat buddy will get a good look at what is currently up your nose.

The iPad could work with a stand/dock, but in that situation, it’s not really mobile is it?

Scott Williams

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