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January 28, 2015

Podcasts are Important Business. Here’s an update.

Better Know a Jackal

The [rabid] fans of the 5by5 podcast network are informally known as “Jackals”. One of said Jackals, Mike Beasterfeld had the brilliant idea to create a podcast to interview us. I made it onto episode 28. It’s a nice little bio that you can use to gather information to steal my identity.

Less Than Or Equal

I was a guest on episode 25 of Aleen Simms’s Less Than Or Equal podcast. I had a great time talking with her and we chatted about maturity, growing up, and how having daughters changed me; specifically some specific incidents in my personal history that formed me into what I am today. Speaking of daughters…

Front to Back

We just released our 6th(!) episode. I’ve really enjoyed making this show and have learned more and more about audio editing. This time around I used some compression to make our voices sound better.

Please check them out!

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