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Sympathy for the Carroll

February 03, 2015

When listening to a podcast, the host will often forget a word or well known fact. Maybe they’ll say something silly like “Jedi mind meld”. Everyone in the audience knows exactly what they meant, and everyone will likely make that fact known (I’ve sure been there, and will likely continue to be).

Now that I’ve released a few episodes of my own podcast I’ve seen the other side of the microphone. Talking and thinking at the same time is surprisingly difficult after say, 8 words in. I’ll find myself stumbling over witty quips and forgetting familiar things that had been otherwise seared into my memory.

So, I have a teensy bit more empathy for Pete Carroll the day after an impressive Super Bowl Loss. Yeah, he probably should’ve run Marshawn Lynch on that one play, but I don’t know if I would’ve had the brain power to make a different decision with under 30 seconds left, in the 4th quarter, of the Super Bowl.

Scott Williams

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