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How I Finally Understood Functional Programming With JavaScript

06 May, 2013

Functional programming has always been a bit of a mindbender for me. I’ve read plenty of tutorials on the subject, but it wasn’t until…

In Which I Purchased a New Car

20 April, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Scion FR-S . It’s my first non-boring car and so far I’m really liking it. To understand why, here’s my…

Things I Learned While Making a Simple Game For My Daughters

21 March, 2013

Recently I put together a basic iPad game for my girls (aged 5 and 2). It’s the first real 1 game I’d ever created and I found the process…

Your JavaScript Sucks - Rudiments

30 December, 2011

You have to crawl before you walk. You have to punch before you can Hadoken. – Abraham Lincoln This post is most likely too simplistic for…

Your JavaScript Sucks

17 December, 2011

JavaScript has been getting a lot of press lately. You can write servers with it, talk to databases , and of course, it’s the most…

My Reaction to the Rumor that Nikon is Looking to Buy WebOS

28 October, 2011

In the span of about 30 seconds. “What? WHY ?” Thinks for a minute about a sweet WebOS powered camera. “Well, it could work” Thinks about…

My New Email Signature

13 September, 2011

Spurred on by some of the more recent mails I’ve received. I did blur my phone number and address because there are bad people out there…

How I Setup a PhotoBooth

23 August, 2011

First, a Demo Video 1 I was slated to take some pictures for my church’s high school group’s kick off for the new school year. They gave…

Haven't Heard Back Yet

17 August, 2011

I just couldn’t help myself.

Nice Feature in Lion

26 July, 2011

Actually, this may have preceded Lion, but I rarely use Safari so I don’t know. My Internet connection died (thanks Cox!). Opened a page in…

I Think the Cable Companies are Screwed

24 July, 2011

I just ordered two Roku boxes for our house. We have a Netflix Instant subscription, and will likely be converting our Hulu Plus trial into…

Spotify & Rdio

14 July, 2011

And now, here’s my arbitrary and subjective look at Spotify and Rdio. Spotify has now launched in the US. This is good news. I had…

Kind of Screwed - Devil's Advocate Edition

23 June, 2011

Andy Baio’s 8-bit version of Miles Davis’s seminal album is pretty interesting. Not really my style, but it’s very well done. Unfortunately…

I Got Your AirPrint Right Here

19 May, 2011

Due to various circumstances, my wife’s computer can’t connect to the printer (the problem rhymes with “Bindows Vista”). Her solution is to…

Trip Report: OneLight Workshop

18 April, 2011

It’s been a whirlwind last 48 hours, and I now finally have a few minutes. My mind is still spinning. My Saturday, Sunday, (and part of…

Rails 3 Routing Gotcha

07 December, 2010

Since I have a certain level of self-loathing I decided to upgrade our app to the latest version of Rails (as of now, 3.0.3 ). Rails 3 is a…

Religion and Signs

04 November, 2010

From a  collection of signs  from the Sanity Rally in DC.

More on Why I'm Done Building PC's

04 October, 2010

This whole post by Marco Arment is great , but here’s the best part: Ever build a carputer? (Yeah, that’s a computer in your car.) I…

Android 2.2's Calculator App

29 September, 2010

It looks pretty good without blatantly copying the Apple UI.

Nice UI: FogBugz World Tour

29 September, 2010

Located at:  http://worldtour.fogcreek.com/ They aren’t coming to Phoenix though (of course).