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Functional Programming

04 August, 2006

In the interest of furthering my knowledge of Ye Olde Computer Science, I’ve taken a slight interest in Functional Programming . For the…

Repent Ye Sinners!

02 August, 2006

And install Christian Linux! Comes with a free pack of Testamints!

Cloudy desert

30 July, 2006

It’s rather difficult to find a decent spot to get a good photograph right now. I wanted to get a shot of clouds rolling in over cactus with…

Overlook at night

28 July, 2006

I’ve set up my Flickr account so that I can blog from there. Feel free to add me as friend or something, so that I can stroke my ego. Well…

A direction

24 July, 2006

I’m still not settled on a theme for this site. The current one doesn’t display entirely properly in Internet Explorer, and I’m not sold on…

Interns & Pirates

24 July, 2006

My church’s high school group has been putting out a few The Office inspired videos based on the lives of the three interns. Our next…

New Bloggy

21 July, 2006

Long time readers are probably noticing that everything is different! That is because I have switched hosting companies from exabytes…


21 July, 2006

I have never liked having to register for Yet Another Weblog to post a stupid comment. Thus, I always allow anonymous posting. However, if…