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No Geolocation?

25 June, 2010

What the Google Maps API recommends if your browser doesn’t support GeoLocation:

Nifty Design

24 June, 2010

I really like the header (and overall design in general) on  Thomas Maier’s website .

iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone!

23 June, 2010

A co-worker of mine managed to get his iPhone 4 delivered today, and I got a chance to briefly play with it. The screen is noticeably better…

Quick Tech Tip - Rails & Authlogic

23 June, 2010

I was following along with the  example project  for getting AuthLogic setup on a Rails app, and almost immediately got this error when…


23 June, 2010

Working Hard

23 June, 2010

I’m passionate about the work coding but not passionate about being worked to death. From a discussion on  Hacker News , about a…

iPhone Wallpapers and Gradients

22 June, 2010

http://blog.urbanape.com/post/684440225/some-non-busy-iphone-wallpapers This popped up in my feed reader (via Shawn Blanc ). The are…

I Want to Learn How to Program

10 June, 2010

Had someone recently ask me what path I would recommend for someone wanting to pick up “programming.” I narrowed the scope down to writing…

Weighty Issues

25 May, 2010

Weighed in today at exactly 199 pounds, down from 235 in November. This is the first time I’ve been under 200 in probably 10 years. I’m not…

Cloud Music, pt II

20 May, 2010

I was pretty bummed when Apple killed Lala . I do have a sliver of hope that they did it because they were launching their own version of a…

Use Facebook, But

13 May, 2010

I’m kind of on the fence with Facebook. On the one hand, it let’s me share news, pictures, and information very easily with friends and…

Programming Languages

06 May, 2010

This is bordering on email forward territory, but it’s my blog and if you don’t like it, go play in the traffic. “Which programming language…

On Portfolios and Passion

27 April, 2010

I find that photographers that focus on one particular area of photography and building a portfolio of work in that area, tend to develop a…

Amusing Bad Programming Tip

27 April, 2010

Say you have a class with a property that’s a string . Using object initializers you can do this little nugget: It will work as you’d…

Rental Car Surprise

20 April, 2010

As you may remember, a few weeks ago Avis gave me a FORD LAND TANK . I didn’t enjoy driving it, so when I returned it, I told them that…

Commentary on the New iPhone Terms

12 April, 2010

Giles Bowkett: The App Store is  not your platform and it never was. Geeks control the Internet because geeks built the Internet. We earned…

Apologies to Tom Petty

05 April, 2010

Or, the waiting is the hardest part… Flying anywhere requires quite a bit of sitting around and waiting. This is why I am not the most…

Rental Car of the Week

30 March, 2010

The Ford Land Tank! Driving it makes me feel like it should be eating smaller Korean cars for fuel. Or perhaps Priuses.

Getting Used to Auto

29 March, 2010

The Long Path to a New Phone

22 March, 2010

I tried not to jump up and down like  Navin Johnson  when the day arrived, but it was time to get a new phone book ! I love my technological…